“The Lover” The Way of Love and Compassion

The Lover within us naturally experiences the universality of love and seeks to bring happiness to others. Compassionately, the lover feels the pain of others and seeks to remove the causes of suffering.

  • Do you have a natural empathy for others?
  • Do you long to create happiness and eliminate suffering?
  • Do you have a naturally kind-hearted feeling toward others?
  • Do you feel embraced by a universal love and compassion greater than yourself?

Love is perhaps the most profound and complex word in the human language.  Its varied meanings range from intense liking or desire, to the experience of universal interconnectedness and unconditional empathy with the whole of existence.

Love  and compassion are at the heart of the world’s great spiritual traditions.   Love is often said to be synonymous with the divine essence of existence and wellspring of all life, by whatever name each religion calls this. When we are in love with someone, we might feel as if we are one with them. There is an irresistible magnetism toward them and a palpable physical sensation that pervades our whole being.  We experience an unbreakable force that unites our souls, whether we are together or apart.  When we are truly in love with someone, we will do everything we can to protect, nourish and support them.  We will make their happiness our first priority. When we are in spiritual love, we experience an undeniable universal interconnectedness, oneness, empathy and compassion for the infinite whole of existence.  We instinctively experience love as an all-enveloping cosmic embrace.  Love is perceived as a force inseparable from the fundamental impulse of life.  We feel ignited by the spark of the divine that infuses the deepest essence of our being.  We feel every cell of our body resonating with the bliss of the divine. We feel as a drop of water infused within an infinite ocean.  We realize that we are joined inexorably in the web of being and we have no choice but to accept our universal responsibility to help remove the causes of suffering of all living things.  

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