Ed Bastian, PhD, Founder

Training courses on InterSpiritual Meditation are taught by Dr. Ed Bastian, who holds a Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies and is the founder and president of Spiritual Paths Foundation. He developed InterSpiritual Meditation process after forty years of research, study, and teaching, especially during the past decade, with over fifty esteemed teachers from Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Taoism, and Native American traditions.

He is the award winning co-author of Living Fully Dying Well, author of InterSpiritual Meditation, author of Mandala – Creating an Authentic Spiritual Paths, contributor to Meditations for InterSpiritual Practice, and producer of documentaries on religion for the BBC and PBS. He is the former co-director of the Forum on BioDiversity for the Smithsonian and National Academy of Sciences, teacher of Buddhism and world religions at the Smithsonian, an internet entrepreneur, and translator of Buddhism scriptures from Tibetan into English.

He is also a faculty member of Antioch University in Santa Barbara where he teaches courses on Buddhism, Mindfulness Meditation and religion.  He has led dozens of retreats and programs at such organizations as the Parliament of World’s Religions, the Chaplaincy Institute, One Spirit Interfaith, CIIS, Omega, Esalen, Hollyhock, La Casa de Maria, Garrison Institute, the Aspen Chapel and the Aspen Institute.

Books, Articles, Interviews

Here are links to some of Ed’s books, articles, interviews and videos.


“InterSpiritual Meditation: A Seven-Step Process from the World’s Spiritual Traditions”

“Mandala: Creating an Authentic Spiritual Path”

“Meditations for InterSpiritual Practice”

“Living Fully Dying Well”


Interfaith Observer: “InterSpiritual Meditation”

Interfaith Observer: “InterSpiritual Perspectives on Wisdom”

Interfaith Observer: “Prajna, The Buddhist Path of Wisdom”

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Ed Bastian and Jonathan Bastian at the Festival of Faiths

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