Styles Instrument - Public

Welcome to the Spiritual Styles Profile Tool!

This instrument helps us to discover our archetypal spiritual learning styles and harness them to create our own spiritual path and contemplative practice. All twelve styles reside within us and their relative dominance changes over time. This tool helps us to begin honoring and balancing our styles to gradually achieve our full human potential.

Please read the following statements and give yourself a numerical rating indicating your level of resonance with them.  1=Never, 2=Rarely, 3=Occasionally, 4=Often, 5=Always. When you complete this profile, click “Submit” at the bottom of the page. You will then see the results of your profile and be sent a copy by email.

Please do not over-think these statements!
Just give each a “gut response” by ranking them 1 – 5 in term of their level of resonance right now.  This is not a test and there are no right or wrong answers.

Our Courses
Our courses are designed to help you discover, harness and balance your styles in order to gradually cultivate a mature meditation practice toward profound happiness, gratitude, transformation, love, mindfulness, wisdom and service to others.