Membership & Course Registration

Course Registration is a two-step process:
(1) Become an $8/month member.
(2) Enroll in a course (see fees below).
Members and course enrollees will have
perpetual access to their courses for lifelong study.

Monthly Memberships - $8/month

The first step in signing up for one of our courses is to become a monthly member at $8 per month.
This amount helps us to cover the minimum cost of improving the website, the course content, the
learning tools, custom search engine, community programs, and much more.

Member Benefits

         Perpetual Course Access
         As a member, you will enjoy perpetual access to all the courses you have taken for lifelong learning and practice.

As a member, you can become an active participant in future courses, programs and virtual and in-person retreats.

Weekly Meditations
As a member of our online community, you can join with other members for a weekly 30-minute Meditation (ISM) and follow-up conversations to refresh and deepen your practice.

Access to Profile Tools for Spiritual Styles and Questions
Our custom personal profile instrument will help you to harness your spiritual learning styles and find answers to your deepest spiritual questions for developing your personal meditation and spiritual path.

Curated InterSpiritual Search Engine
As a member, you will have access to our custom search engine. This will help enrich your path by discovering answers to your big spiritual questions and by finding the meditation practices that align with your personal learning styles.

Step 1: Become a Monthly Member

Monthly Membership

(Sign Up, Confirm or Renew)

Step 2: Enroll in a Course

Presently, we offer four courses. Follow up courses are in the planning stages. These courses are designed for both in-person synchronous classes, and ongoing asynchronous life-long self-study.


InterSpiritual Mandala

($77) More Information

InterSpiritual Meditation

($77) More Information

Mentor Training Certification

($150 - Acceptance & Code Required) More Information


More Information

Monthly membership

Required for:
Facilitator Training
Mentor Training

Perpetual course access.

Membership: $8/month
Course Fee: $77.00


More Information

  • Monthly membership
  • Completion of ISM course recommended.
Required for:
Mentor Training Course.

Perpetual course access for members.

Membership: $8/Month
Course Fee: $77.00


More Information


    • Monthly membership
    • ISM Course
    • Mandala Course
    • Application Approval

    Required for:

    • Mentoring others in the ISM and Mandala Processes
    • Certification in Mandala Process


    Perpetual course access for members

    Membership: $8/Month
    Course Fee: $25/mo. for 6 months

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