ISM Synopsis


InterSpiritual Meditation (ISM)
8-Module Online Course

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 The Seven Steps of ISM

1. Health & Happiness
2. Gratitude
3. Transformation
3. Love & Compassion
4. Mindfulness
5. Wisdom
6. Service to Others


  • Wisdom from the world’s great spiritual & secular sources.
  • Individual and guided meditations.
  • A mutually supportive community.
  • Writings and videos from great teachers.
  • Instructional writings and videos by Dr. Ed Bastian.
  • Worksheets for journaling your progress.
  • Private mentoring with certified InterSpiritual Mentors.
  • Custom search engine to gather wisdom & practices from great spiritual and secular sources.


  1. A mature spiritual path and sustainable meditation practice.
  2. Ability to harness and harmonize your archetypal spiritual styles.
  3. Greater meaning and purpose for your life.
  4. A meditative foundation for good health, happiness, gratitude, transformation, love, mindfulness, wisdom and service to others.
  5. InterSpiritual wisdom from the world’s great more secular and spiritual traditions.
  6. Integration of meditative calm and compassionate wisdom into relationships, profession and public service.
  7. Capacity to lead and unify and unify people from diverse spiritual and secular perspectives.

Teacher and Mentors

Dr. Ed Bastian and six certified InterSpiritual Mentors will help you create your personal path and practice.

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