ISM Synopsis


InterSpiritual Meditation (ISM)
8-Week Online Course
Cost: $ 50

Course Synopsis

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  • Weekly live webinars recorded for later listening.
  • A mutually supportive community.
  • Daily individual and guided meditations.
  • Selected readings and videos by Ed Bastian.
  • Writings and videos from great teachers.
  • Worksheets for journaling.
  • Private mentoring opportunities with certified InterSpiritual Mentors.
  • Custom web sources for personal exploration and discovery.


  1. Deepen your own personal meditation practice.
  2. Cultivate tranquil focus, wisdom and compassion.
  3. Integrate wisdom from one or more secular and spiritual traditions.
  4. Harnesses your own personal spiritual and contemplative learning styles.
  5. Apply your meditative calm and compassionate wisdom to relationships, profession and public service.
  6. Learn to guide and unify people with diverse perspectives in this universal, non-sectarian meditation.

Teacher and Mentors

          Ed Bastian will be joined by six certified InterSpiritual Mentors who will also be available for private mentoring.