What Do You Seek?

We offer a personal 7-step mindfulness process to heal stress with a peaceful mind. Learn More Inner Calm amidst a
Troubled World

We guide you to create a personal 7-Step mindfulness practice to serve both you and others. Learn More A Meditation that
Prepares Me
to Help Others

We lead you to diverse sources of wisdom to help guide your life. Learn More Profound Wisdom
to Guide My Life

We help you harness your unique learning styles to create your personal spiritual path. Learn More A Spiritual Path that
Aligns with my
Spiritual Style

Our members form lasting relationships to support each other’s lives and practices. Learn More A Supportive

An InterSpiritual Process for Creating Your Path

Upcoming Courses Schedule

Presently, we offer four courses. Follow up courses are in the planning stages. These courses are designed for both in-person synchronous classes, and ongoing asynchronous life-long self-study.

InterSpiritual Meditation

(January 2024 TBD, 9 weeks) More Information

InterSpiritual Mandala

(April 2024 TBD, 9 weeks) More Information

Mentor Training Certification

(June 2024 TBD, 6 months) More Information

InterSpiritual Meditation

(September 2024 TBD, 9 weeks) More Information

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