ISM Facilitator Training
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The year-long ISM Facilitator certification program is designed for those who wish to deepen their own practice and to guide individuals or small groups in the practice of the seven-step process of InterSpiritual Meditation.  Each month and via the ISM course website, trainees will join with a mutually supportive cohort to work with certified InterSpiritual Mentors and Facilitators and Ed Bastian.   Here are seven elements of this training program. 

  1. Deepen in each of the ISM 7-Steps.
  2. Learn to honor, harness and harmonize our personal Spiritual Styles for spiritual and contemplative development.
  3. Fully utilize the content, tools and functions of the ISM course website, including the journey, styles profile, practice circles, and custom search engine.
  4. Learn to lead InterSpiritual Meditation sessions.
  5. Engage in a practicum, working with a individual or small group, under the guidance of a ISM mentor or facilitator.
  6. Learn how to facilitate ISM for others using the ISM books and online course content and resources.
  7. Join with a mutually supportive cohort of learners and practitioners.


To qualify for this program, applicants will fulfil the following requirements:

  • Complete the application form
  • Be formally accepted into Facilitator Training Program.
  • Complete and actively participated in-person or online course on InterSpiritual Meditation.
  • Complete their Spiritual Styles Profile Instrument.
  • Engage in journaling about their seven-steps and spiritual styles.
  • A minimum of a 1,000 word summary or equivalent expression covering all of the seven steps and if/how you harnessed your style(s) for each.
    (This should be drawn from the online or written journal.  It will provide an initial waypoint for the upcoming meditative journey..
  • An offering of $150 or an amount that is affordable for you.  This will help defray some of the costs for the program.
    (The offering can be proportionate to your ability to pay.  For Latin American applicants, contact Alex Warden, )

Requirements for Certification

To gain ISM Facilitator certification, trainees will complete the following:

  • Trainees will attend monthly group mentoring training sessions with Ed Bastian and mentors.
  • Trainees will engage with a mentor of their choice in one individual mentoring session and one session with with Ed Bastian.
  • Each trainee will practice facilitating the 7-Step Process with at least one individual or one small group under the guidance and supervision of a certified InterSpiritual Mentor. 
  • All trainees and the people they are working with should become members of the ISM online course website. 
  • Each trainee will use the journal on our website to write about each of their 7 Steps of ISM and their Spiritual Styles.
  • Trainees will actively engage in the Practice Circles for each of the seven ISM Steps.
  • Trainees will write a 2,500 word capstone paper and/or other significant form of expression that aligns with their spiritual styles.  These capstone projects should  that documents their experience and understanding of each of the seven ISM steps.  

Capstone Paper or Project

Each member of the training cohort will complete a 2,500 word capstone paper and/or other significant form of expression that includes the following:

  • A summary the wisdom gained from at least three spiritual/secular sources/traditions for each of the steps. 
  • A summary of how they are harnessing and harmonizing at least three spiritual styles. 
  • A summary of the contemplative practice they have developed for each of the seven steps.
  • A summary of their work helping others to learn and practice ISM.
  • If a creative project is presented, it should be accompanied by a written overview and rationale.  If the above points are not included in the creative project itself, they can be summarized in this written statement.