“The Mystic” The Way of the Mystic

The Mystic naturally feels, intuits, and experiences the mysteries of the numinous that lie beyond the boundaries of ordinary cognitive human perception.

  • Have you had unexplainable experiences of the supernatural?
  • Are you attracted to the possibility of mystical visions and revelations?
  • Have you had paranormal experiences not mediated by your five senses?
  • Are you drawn to an unseen mystery that could reveal the ultimate nature of reality?

There is a remarkable similarity between the spiritual writing of mystics from many of the world’s major religions.  Remove the names of their deities and you’d think they were all members of the same tradition.

The mystical way within us feels, intuits, communicates with or otherwise experiences “mysteries” beyond ordinary human perception. I use the word “mysteries” because the things a “mystic” perceives are things that can only be wondered about, guessed at or deduced. They can’t be tangibly perceived or shared through the normal senses of seeing, touching, tasting, smelling, hearing or touching. Mystical perception is one of the predominate ways people approach their spirituality. However not all mystical experiences are spiritual, and not everyone who is spiritual has mystical experiences. For some of us, mystical experiences are common, but for many others, they are not.  Even if we have had experiences that seem to be paranormal, we might not be able to discern (a) if we have mystical powers; (b) if our mysterious experiences like seeing ghosts, or premonitions are truly mystical; (c) what to do with and how to interpret experiences which seem mystical; (d) how to judge or trust such experiences when they occur; (e) how to balance the experiences with those of the normal world; (f) how to effectively use these experiences for spiritual realization; (g) how to integrate these experiences into the normal belief systems of our family, church and society that often rejects them. For more on this, refer to the book Mandala: Creating an Authentic Spiritual Path.  

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