Meditation Course

A 7-Step Process from the World’s Great Contemplative Traditions:
Create a Personal Meditation that is Right for You

9-Weekly, Tuesday Sessions,
January 2024 TBD, 9 weeks
Live sessions via Zoom and will be recorded.
20 CE Credits through Antioch University

Create Your Personal Meditation

In the course, you will create 7-step mindful meditation process that aligns with your personal spiritual learning and practice styles.  Based on the combined wisdom of the world’s great contemplative traditions, this universal and holistic process guides you create a personal meditation leading to – – –

  1. Happiness and health,
  2. Gratitude for life’s many gifts,
  3. Transformation into your highest potential,
  4. Love and compassion for self and others, 
  5. Mindful calm and focus,
  6. Wisdom through meditation,
  7. Service to others.

Explore the ISM 7-Step Mandala

Click on the arms of the ISM to learn about each of the 7 steps


InterSpiritual Meditation

Creating a Personal Meditation
from the World's Great
Spiritual & Secular Traditions

9-Week ISM Course Membership Includes

  • 20 CE Credits through Antioch University.
  • 9 sections for live interaction and self study
  • Live & recorded meditations.
  • Instructional video clips from Ed Bastian and teachers from
    various traditions.
  • Online journaling for each student.
  • Profile tools for harnessing your personal styles.
  • Curated search engine for
    authentic, diverse resources
  • Guided audio meditations.
  • Discussion forums
  • A mobile-ready platform
  • Community meditations
    and discussions.
  • Support from mentors and
  • Long-term membership to this

Discovering and Harnessing Your Personal Spiritual Learning Styles

We begin by discovering and harnessing our internal archetypal styles. These are the internal lenses through which we perceive, process and interpret spiritual information and practice. The Spiritual Styles Profile Tool helps us to discover, honor, harness and harmonize our 12 styles. By gradually activating all our styles, we can fulfill our highest human potential.

The Way of the Arts

The Way of the Body

The Way of Devotion

The Way of Imagination

The Way of Love

The Way of Meditation

The Way of the Mystic

The Way of Nature

The Way of Prayer

The Way of Reason

The Way of Relationship

The Way of Wisdom

The 6 ISM Course Learning Objectives

    1. Experience the benefits of a personal 7-step mindfulness process.
    2. Identify ways that life meaning and purpose can be enhanced through meditative practice.
    3. Explore how spiritual learning styles can help create a personal contemplative practice. 
    4. Identify how diverse spiritual and secular resources help develop a personal contemplative practice.
    5. Integrate the seven-step ISM process into daily life and service to others. 
    6. Actively participate with a diverse and supportive InterSpiritual cohort.

The 9 ISM Course Sessions

Week 1:
Week 2:
Week 3:
Week 4:
Week 5:
Love & Compassion
Week 6:
Week 7:
Week 8:

How the ISM Course Works

The Instructors

Each class will be led and moderated by Alejandra Warden with the support of Ed Bastian and other trained
Mentors and Facilitators who will share their perspectives and experiences for each of the seven steps.

Alejandra Warden

Alejandra Warden is an educator, divine feminine mentor, Sufi guide, and interspiritual director. Author of the interspiritual book, Remembrance, a Vision of the Sacred Feminine and the Renewal of the Earth, and founder of the project Essential Oneness: Feminine Wisdom, her interfaith/interspiritual work is based on her studies with renowned specialists in the areas of meditation, dream analysis, spiritual ecology and personal development, and a series of deep spiritual experiences that began in her youth. An Argentine American, Alejandra has been working with groups and individuals in various Latin American countries, Spain and the US since 2007. She translated the ISM and Mandala workbooks into Spanish and wrote the prologue for the Spanish edition of the ISM book. She facilitates ISM and Mandala courses and retreats in person and online and serves as a teacher for the facilitator and mentor training programs for Spanish speakers. Alejandra lives with her husband in Washington State and, when not teaching, she loves to travel and learn about the history, art and religion of different cultures from around the world.  For more information, click the following.

Ed Bastian, PhD, Founder

InterSpiritual Meditation courses were created by Dr. Ed Bastian and co-led with a team of certified InterSpiritual Mentors. He holds a Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies and is the founder and president of Spiritual Paths Foundation. He formulated the 7-step interspiritual meditative process based on his work with  teachers of meditation from the world’s great spiritual and secular traditions. This process is designed to help meditators of all levels to engage in a holistic, integrated, and systematic InterSpiritual Process to find their path, their practices and their answers to their deepest questions. He developed this process through his nearly fifty years of research, study, and teaching, especially during the past twenty years, with over forty esteemed teachers from Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Taoism, and Native American traditions. He is the award winning co-author of Living Fully Dying Well, author of InterSpiritual Meditation, author of Mandala – Creating an Authentic Spiritual Path, contributor to Meditations for InterSpiritual Practice, and producer of documentaries on religion for the BBC and PBS. He is the former co-director of the Forum on BioDiversity for the Smithsonian and National Academy of Sciences, teacher of Buddhism and world religions at the Smithsonian, an internet entrepreneur, and translator of Buddhism scriptures from Tibetan into English. He is also a faculty member of Antioch University in Santa Barbara where he teaches courses on Buddhism, Mindfulness Meditation and religion. He has led dozens of retreats and programs at such organizations as the Parliament of World’s Religions, the Chaplaincy Institute, One Spirit Interfaith, CIIS, Omega, Esalen, Hollyhock, La Casa de Maria, Garrison Institute, the Aspen Chapel and the Aspen Institute.

Read Ed’s articles and interviews.

What spiritual leaders say about our programs

Father Thomas Keating Founder, Centering Prayer

Spiritual Paths is an
excellent program that grew out of the
Snowmass Inter-religious Conference at St. Benedict’s Monastery. As inter-religious dialogue continues to deepen and spread, experienced spiritual practitioners, with some capacity for scholarship, need to suggest what works best for spiritual growth. This is the thrust of the Spiritual Paths conferences and educational activities.

This circa 2009 photo from the Alliance for Jewish Renewal shows Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, a founder of the Jewish Renewal movement.  Schachter-Shalomi died in his sleep after a long illness at his home in Boulder, Colo., early Thursday, July 3, 2014. He was 89. Schachter-Shalomi started the renewal movement in the early 1960's as a way to use contemporary religious and political scholarship to re-examine Judaism after the Holocaust. (AP Photo/Alliance for Jewish Renewal)
Rabbi Zalman Schachter Founder, Jewish Renewal

Spiritual Paths brings
together the wisdom of
authentic teachers from
the worlds spiritual
traditions, provides an
excellent curriculum
based on those traditions, and leads us toward a new paradigm of InterSpiritual education and practice.

Imam Feisal Abdul-Rauf
Imam Feisal Abdul-rauf Founder, American Sufi Muslim Association

I am particularly excited
by this initiative of
Edward Bastian and the
Spiritual Paths
Foundation. It as a sea
change in the evolution
of what we used to call
the ecumenical activity. I see us coming into the
next phase of
inter-religious dialogue,
to introduce one another to the inner experience of each others faith traditions. For when we do, we shall come to the
realization that the end is One. In a sense, the
previous intellectual
phase of inter-religious
dialogue was like reading cookbooks on French food, or Indian food what Spiritual Paths is suggesting we do now, is to taste and sample it!

Carol Pearson
Carol Pearson Past President, Pacifica Graduate University

Dr. Bastian has done for
spirituality what I’ve
worked to do with
archetypes, developing a system through which
anyone–religious or
not–can identify his or
her own natural mode of assessing spiritual truth. Dr. Bastian’s work is a great and important
breakthrough, as so many believe they are not spiritual because they do not follow a particular dogma or because the tradition in which they were raised does not fit for them. His work also can be of assistance to
those within any spiritual tradition to expand their
horizons and to promote
respectful interfaith

Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault
Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault Author & Teacher
ISM is an open-hearted and truly universal practice. If ever there was a practice to help us get spiritually unstuck, this is it.

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