• Discovering, honoring and cultivating your archetypal spiritual styles.
  • Harnessing your styles to find your spiritual answers, practices and path.
  • Deepening your insights and practices through InterSpiritual Meditation.
  • Integrating your spiritual insights and values into your daily life.


  • A spiritual path that gives your life meaning, purpose and direction.
  • Teachers, traditions, and practices that align with your spiritual styles and help answer your questions.
  • Concilience among spiritual, psychological, mythological, and scientific traditions.
  • An InterSpiritual appreciation and integration of diverse spiritual traditions.
  • A core set of values, insights and practices enabling us to “lead from within” as we engage in the challenges of life.
  • A calm, focused, empathetic and centered state-of-being.
  • A method and process for mentoring individuals with diverse spiritual styles, questions, and traditions.


 This website contains selections from my book “Creating Your Spiritual Path: Discovering Your Spiritual Style – Answering Your Spiritual Questions – Discerning the Best Spiritual Practices for You.”  This book describes a process for creating your spiritual path by discovering, actualizing and balancing your twelve families of archetypal spiritual styles.  Then, through the lenses of these styles you will explore answers to your deepest spiritual questions and discern spiritual practices from among twelve families of spiritual and secular traditions.

This website is being used for in-person and online classes, for short programs and retreats, and for private mentoring.  Its purpose is help you engage in this process, to develop your own spiritual path and to lead your life in harmony with your deepest spiritual insights and values.  This Spiritual Paths Mandala provides a container for cultivating your inner path that will guide you in all aspects of your life.  It offers a process — not answers.

In my book, and on the website, there are stories about how I came to this the Mandala Process and how the recognition of my own spiritual styles and questions has helped me to define my own personal path.  Whether you are creating your personal path within a single tradition or from among a variety of traditions, I hope my personal story will illustrate how this process might also work for you.

The Mandala Process described here is a integral component in a larger process of insight and integration.  It is accompanied by a contemplative process called “InterSpiritual Meditation: A Seven-Part Process from the World’s Spiritual Traditions.”  When we engage in “ISM” from the perspective of our spiritual styles and questions, new insights will emerge to help guide our internal spiritual path so that we might actively participate in the world by “leading from within.”


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