An Invitation

Welcome to the InterSpiritual Mandala! This course offers a process for creating and refining an authentic spiritual path and meditative practice. In this course, you will be guided to harness own natural learning styles, to ask your own big questions, and to find answers from authentic resources within the world’s spiritual, scientific, psychological, philosophical and mythological traditions.  This course will help you to realize your own natural inner potential for wisdom, compassion, equanimity, happiness and service to others. The InterSpiritual Mandala contains these three rings: (1) twelve families of spiritual styles (the outer ring), (2) twelve families of spiritual questions (the middle ring), and (3) twelve families of spiritual/secular traditions (the inner ring). The white dot in the center represents your emerging spiritual path. The Mandala Process is nonsectarian tool to serve both those who are rooted in a tradition as well as those who are Spiritual But Not Religious (SBNR) or Spiritually Independent.  It provides a structure and process for creating your own spiritual path and contemplative practice based on the wisdom of a single religion or a variety of both spiritual and secular resources. In this course, you will begin creating your own personal mandala that will become the container or “memory palace” for the wisdom and practices that define your spiritual path.  Following are the styles, questions and resources components of the InterSpiritual Mandala.
Twelve Styles (Outer Ring) Twelve Questions (Middle Ring) Twelve Families of Traditions (Inner Ring)
1. Way of the Arts Consciousness Buddhism
2. Way of the Body Eternality Christianity
3. Contemplation & Meditation Death Hinduism
4. Way of Devotion Existence Islam
5. Way of Imagination Freedom Judaism
6. Way of Love & Compassion God Taoism
7. Way of the Mystic Good & Evil The 12 Steps of AA
8. Way of Nature Happiness Indigenous, Shamanic
9. Way of Prayer Reality Other
10. Way of Reason Spirit Beings Psychology, Philosophy, Mythology
11. Way of Relationships Suffering Science
12. Way of Wisdom Transformation & Ultimate Potential Spiritual But Not Religious (SBNR)

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