The Books

(1) Mandala: Creating An Authentic Spiritual Path  (Click Here)
(2) InterSpiritual Meditation (Click Here)

The Goals

In this course we learn to use harness archetypal spiritual styles to find answers to our deepest spiritual questions and to discern the best spiritual practices for us.  We  learn the tools for helping others do the same. Our course will focus on the following:

  1. The Spiritual Styles Profiling Instrument™ for discovering our present spiritual styles, i.e., the lenses that condition our ways of knowing.
  2. The Spiritual Questions Profiling Instrument™ for identifying our present primary and secondary questions.
  3. Harnessing our spiritual styles to find our answers and to discern our best practices.
  4. Refining our answers and insights through InterSpiritual Meditation.
  5. Using the Worksheets/Journal to organize and record the answers and practices that work for you.
  6. Integrating these insights into our daily lives.
  7. Build a mutually supportive learning and contemplative community wherein diversity is honored.
  8. Work towards becoming certified InterSpiritual Mentor and learning to mentor others in this process.

Course Logistics

The course includes an interactive online website, weekly online reflections, weekly live (and recorded) webinar, worksheets, optional private mentoring.  The web courses include the following:

  1. Selected Readings from the book by Ed Bastian.
  2. Weekly webinars for instruction and discussion (recorded for later viewing).
  3. Weekly topics and journaling on styles and questions.
  4. Online class reflections and discussions on the work recorded in our workbooks.
  5. Resources and web links for extended study.
  6. Work with a Dyad partner and mentor.
  7. Optional private mentoring.
  8. A final paper or project (for certificate students).

Ongoing Study

The Mandala Process and InterSpiritual Meditation are introductory level courses and first step in the mentoring certification process.  Those who fully engage and successfully complete this course will be eligible to deepen their work towards mentor certification through subsequent courses and personal mentorship with Ed Bastian and our certified mentors.

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