Books for the InterSpiritual Mandala Online Course

(1) Mandala: Creating An Authentic Spiritual Path – – An InterSpiritual Process

Mandala provides readers with a profound tool for constructing and cultivating a personal spiritual path and contemplative practice from the world’s collective spiritual traditions, using one’s own questions and spiritual learning styles to find the answers and right path for them.  It provides the means, not the answers – those we must find ourselves.  Through the InterSpiritual Mandala one explores one’s own archetypal approaches to spirituality, one’s own questions about the spiritual path, and finds the practices, teachers and traditions that best suit our particular needs.

 (2) Creating Your Spiritual Path: Workbook (Optional for the Online Course)

This 100 page workbook is designed for in-person classes, personal mentoring and self-study of the  “Mandala Process” for creating your spiritual path. The purpose of this book is to *help you  discover, harness and harmonize your archetypal spiritual styles, *work with your styles to cultivate your answers, practices and spiritual path, *deepen your insights and practices through InterSpiritual Meditation, and *Integrate your spiritual insights and values into your daily life.

This workbook is meant to accompany the book of course readings.  It offers a study guide  for creating an inner foundation from which you can lead and be of service to others. It is used for seminars, retreats, self-study, spiritual mentoring and online courses.


(3) InterSpiritual Meditation:
A Seven-Step Process from the World’s Spiritual Traditions

InterSpiritual Meditation is a universal process drawn from the world s spiritual traditions. It helps individuals to cultivate inner peace, wisdom, and compassion. Its seven-step process enables people of different spiritual practices to create engaged contemplative communities based on empathy, understanding, shared meditative experience, and compassionate service for the common good. InterSpiritual Meditation is the next step in the evolution of InterSpiritual Wisdom and a foundation stone for peace among peoples of all religions.


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