You Wish for in the World

Creating Inner Peace, Wisdom & Compassion

In these troubled, stressful times and we all yearn for both personal and universal peace and happiness.  In our hearts we know that we ourselves must “become the change we wish for in the world.”

“Becoming the change” will require us to know ourselves, to become wise and compassionate and to serve the deepest needs of others. It will require us to rediscover and embody the wisdom of the world’s great spiritual and secular traditions.  It will require us to actualize our highest human potential and to fulfill the promise of human existence.

THE INTERSPIRITUAL MANDALA offers a new universal process for discovering the world’s ancient wisdom, for uncovering our life’s true meaning and purpose, for answering our deepest questions and for developing a personal meditation practice leading to inner peace, wisdom and compassion. Its purpose is to help us to “be the change we wish for in the world.”

We do this for ourselves, so we can help others do it for themselves.

This is one of three courses designed for profound personal transformation. They are:  INQUIRY – The InterSpiritual Mandala, INSIGHT – InterSpiritual Meditation, and INTEGRATION – Manifesting these in our personal and daily lives.


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