In the video below, Dr. Ed Bastian, founder of the Spiritual Paths Foundation, provides a brief introduction to our courses.
These courses are based on the following three-part process.

The Mandala Process
~Finding an authentic spiritual path.~
InterSpiritual Meditation 

~Cultivating a mature meditative practice.~
InterSpiritual Mentoring
~Helping self and others to integrate a spiritual path and meditation practice into daily life.~

We are living in stressful and challenging times.  As an antidote to stress-related physical and mental disease, we yearn for a greater sense of calm, a meaningful life purpose and a knowingness about the basis for our own existence – – the essential qualities from the human spirit.  Fortunately, we are blessed as never before by the availability of an abundance of profound wisdom and meditative practices of the world’s great spiritual and secular traditions.  Our courses are designed to help you to explore and apply these resources toward the development your personal meditative practice and spiritual path.  They help you create your personal path – – a path that aligns with your unique archetypal spiritual learning styles and that answers your most pressing questions.  A path the gives your life meaning, purpose and a profound sense of wellbeing.