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Curated Source Entry Instructions

Your contribution is very important to this project. Following provides a short description and instruction of how to populate the Curated Resources and Curated Tag Entry forms.

Curated Sources

Curating Resources includes selecting specific websites and resources that will help the student begin their exploration their unique spiritual path.  Here, you will be curating, i.e., selecting, specific websites that will help the student begin their exploration and discovery on solid footing.  

Please provide a minimum of five links and a maximum of twenty links for each combination of search coordinates.

Among the sites you choose, please include at least one that includes additional reliable bibliographical and web-resources to help students continue their exploration.  Also, since our students will range from beginners to experts, please provide a range of beginner to more advanced sites.

  • Title of the Link
    (75 characters or less)
  • Link Description
    (250 characters or less)
  • Link URL
    (Copy website address and paste it here.)
  • 12 Questions
    (Check one or more questions pertaining to this website.)
  • 12 Styles
    (Check one of more styles pertaining to this website.)
  • 12 Sources
    (Check one of more sources pertaining to this website.)
  • Enable Sub-Sources
    (Check below if there are sub-sources, e.g., Science – Neuroscience, Christianity – Lutheran, Islam – Suni)
  • Sub-Sources
    (If you see the appropriate sub-source below, click on it.)
  • Add New Sub-Source
    (Add new sub-source if not listed above,)
  • 7-Step Meditation
    (Click on the step of meditation that is appropriate for this web-source. Note: questions cannot be chosen if you click on a meditation step.)
  • Link Score
    (Rank this site according to how helpful it will be for students based on their specific spiritual questions and styles.)
  • Source Type
    (For example: Scripture, Scholar, Teacher, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, Video Talk, Audio Talk, Poetry, Music, Movement, etc.)
  • Link Tags
    (These are the criteria defined by our curators for refining a search based on their expert knowledge of this set of search categories. Tags will include names of leading writers, experts, scholars, scriptural passages, etc.)
  • Curator Title
    (Your title, e.g., Professor, Dr., Reverand, Shaikh, Imam, Rabbi, Chief, etc.)
  • Curator Name
     (Your personal name.)

Our Goal

Our curated web sources do not pretend to provide definitive and final resources for each student.  Rather, they point the way to accurate websites to begin and quicken their personal adventure of exploration and discovery.

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