Interspiritual Curators

OVERVIEW OF THE CURRICULUM PROCESS Briefly, our curriculum contains the following parts.
  1. Profile Instrument Each student completes a profile instrument to help them recognize and harness their archetypal spiritual styles and identify their major spiritual questions.
  2. Guided and Independent Research Students then begin research on their questions. The custom graphical interface and search tools will help them get started. The initial web sources they receive will have been chosen by our curatorial team.
  3. InterSpiritual Meditation Students will learn a 7-step non-sectarian contemplative process for learning and practice that will be shaped by their styles and their research. Their meditation, along with other benefits, will also deepen their insight into answers to their questions.
  4. Worksheets and Journaling Students will use our worksheets and journal forms to gather results of their research that help them find meaning, purpose, identity, connectivity and a contemplative practice.
  5. Personal Mandala The results of each student’s inquiry and contemplative practice will be stored in their own mandala that provides their personal “memory palace” of the answers and practices that define their emerging spiritual path.
  6. Continuing Education and Practice Each student will gradually complete their own personal mandala. Over time their personal mandala will stay abreast of their deepening insights as they continue their research, journaling and meditation.  Then, as they encounter inevitable life challenges of stress, sadness, isolation, injury, sickness and death, the insights and experiences recorded in their personal mandala will provide a guiding foundation for spiritual maturity, stability and fulfillment.

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