The InterSpiritual Journey
Creating Your Path & Companioning Others

with Antioch University
8-Week Course - Begins January 18, 4pm Pacific, 2023

InterSpiritual Meditation (ISM)

The 7-steps of ISM are drawn from the world’s great spiritual and secular traditions. This universal meditative process is designed to help you create your personal spiritual path, your meditative practice and to companion others on their journey.

ISM empowers health, happiness, gratitude, transformation, love, mindfulness, wisdom and service. It celebrates diversity and inclusivity and fosters life meaning and purpose through active, contemplative engagement in the challenges of our lives.

The Course

In this ISM course, Ed Bastian along with certified ISM Facilitators and Mentors will help you create your personal 7-step meditation process for maintaining calm wisdom and compassion while being an agent of compassionate action and change. The course will include 8 weekly 90-minute recorded ZOOM sessions and an extensive course website. This course is a prerequisite for the ISM Facilitator Training Certificate Program.

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“InterSpiritual Meditation: A Seven-Step Process Drawn from the World’s Spiritual Traditions” 

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  1. Motivation: “May we be Happy and Healthy.”
  2. Gratitude: “May we be Grateful for Life’s Many Gifts.”
  3. Transformation: “May we be Transformed into Our Highest Being.”
  4. Compassion:“May we be Loving and Compassionate.”
  5. Mindfulness: “May we be Mindful through Our Breathing.”
  6. Wisdom: “May we Become Wise through our Meditation.”
  7. Service: “May we be in Service to All.”
Bio for Dr. Ed Bastian
Ed is the president of the Spiritual Paths Foundation and holds a PhD in Buddhist Studies. His primary research languages are Tibetan and Sanskrit. He is an award-winning author of “Living Fully Dying Well,” and author of ”InterSpiritual Meditation” and “Mandala: Creating an Authentic Spiritual Path.”
He produced acclaimed documentaries on religion for the BBC and PBS, He is a former Smithsonian program director of BioDiversity and teacher of Buddhism and world religions. Ed is on the faculty of Antioch University where he teaches Buddhism and Mindfulness Meditation. During the past 20 years, he has taught throughout the United States and Canada at such places as the Garrison Institute, One Spirit Interfaith, the Chaplaincy Institute, the Interspiritual Centre of Vancouver, the Esalen Institute, Omega Institute, Hollyhock, California Institute of Integral Studies, the Aspen Institute, Charter for Compassion, and the Parliament for World’s Religions.
Ed has been President of The Interfaith Initiative of Santa Barbara that hosts “Showers of Blessings” for our homeless neighbors and ECOFaith for environmental action. He has been a Global Trustee of the United Religions Initiative (URI) and the Executive Committee of the URI Environmental Network.


"ISM is an open-hearted and truly universal practice. If ever there was a practice to help us get spiritually unstuck, this is it."
-Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault
"Spiritual Paths brings together the wisdom of authentic teachers from the worlds spiritual traditions, provides an excellent curriculum based on those traditions, and leads us toward a new paradigm of InterSpiritual education and practice."
-Rabbi Zalman Schachter
"Dr. Bastian's work is a great and important breakthrough, as so many believe they are not spiritual because they do not follow a particular dogma..."
-Dr. Carol Pearson
"I am particularly excited by this initiative of Edward Bastian and the Spiritual Paths Foundation. It as a sea change in the evolution of what we used to call the ecumenical activity. I see us coming into the next phase of inter-religious dialogue, to introduce one another to the inner experience of each others faith traditions. For when we do, we shall come to the realization that the end is One."
-Imam Feisal Abdul-Rauf

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