InterSpiritual Mandala Process
Session 9

(1) Overview of the Week

The final week of the course is devoted to completing worksheets and discernment regarding the styles and questions we have focussed on during the past two months.  Our individual findings are likely to be preliminary because our life-long spiritual journeys and contemplative practices are always in a state of refinement as we grow older and our life experience deepens.

In our final teleconference, each of us will give a report on our individual processes of discovery.  By listening compassionately and contemplatively to each other, our own insights and practices will be deepened.

If you wish to continue working with our cohort of InterSpiritual mentor trainees and apply for the certified InterSpiritual Facilitator or Mentor training programs, please complete a capstone paper of at least ten pages that sums up your experience with the InteSpiritual Mandala Process and how you would like to engage more deeply in this process to help others.  Click here for more information on the Facilitator or Mentor training programs.

(2) Meditation: Practice the seven steps with special emphasis on Step Seven.

(3) Weekly Class Audio-Video Recordings

If you weren’t able to attend the live online class, or would like to watch/listen again, please click the following link.



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