A Universal Non-Sectarian Process to
Deepen Your Spiritual Path and Meditation Practice
8-Week Course beginning Tuesday,October 20, 4pm Pacific

We invite you to join us for our upcoming course on the InterSpiritual Mandala.

The InterSpiritual Mandala offers a universal, non-sectarian, and holistic process for creating profound meaning and purpose in our lives.  Our learning and practice community celebrates the marvelous diversity of perspectives, learning styles, practices and beliefs. Together we explore wisdom from a variety traditions. We help each other to cultivate the spiritual paths and meditation practices that are best for each of us. 

Building on the ISM 7-Step Course

This Mandala course is the natural extension of our first course on InterSpiritual Meditation (ISM).  That preliminary ISM 7-Step course provides a contemplative foundation for exploring and integrating wisdom from diverse traditions.  Together, these two courses (ISM & Mandala) help each student to find deep meaning and purpose, a connection with an essence of their being and an integration with universal diversity and unity.

Harnessing Your Spiritual Styles

The Mandala Course begins by completing our personal profile tools that will help us honor, harness and harmonize our Spiritual Styles to find answers to our major spiritual questions.  These profile tools help us discover our natural ways of knowing, i.e, the styles and questions that often lay hidden beneath the surface of our minds.  Spiritual Styles are the lenses through which we perceive and process spiritual questions, answers and practices.  They deeply influence our spiritual perspectives and our meditative practices.  When we honor, harness and harmonize our styles we bring our entire being into the pursuit of meaning, purpose and practice.

Discovering Answers to your Spiritual Questions

Next, we harness our spiritual styles to explore answers and practices offered by wise spiritual and secular sources.  When we honor, harness and harmonize our natural styles, personally meaningful answers can emerge and our spiritual path and practice can be energized and expanded.

Learn from the World’s Great Spiritual and Secular Traditions

Our custom search engine helps each person to explore and discover authentic resources according to their personal styles and predispositions.  Our individualized, private online journals help each person to record their progress.  Each person will develope their own unique mandala based on the styles, answers and the sources that propel them on their journey. 


Due to the continuing traumatic stress of the pandemic, we are only requesting donations from course participants plus a site membership offering of $8/month.  Your membership and donation will help us provide you with this course.  Registrants will need to be current monthly members.  Membership is available on the registration page.  



"ISM is an open-hearted and truly universal practice. If ever there was a practice to help us get spiritually unstuck, this is it."
-Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault
"Spiritual Paths brings together the wisdom of authentic teachers from the worlds spiritual traditions, provides an excellent curriculum based on those traditions, and leads us toward a new paradigm of InterSpiritual education and practice."
-Rabbi Zalman Schachter
"Dr. Bastian's work is a great and important breakthrough, as so many believe they are not spiritual because they do not follow a particular dogma..."
-Dr. Carol Pearson
"I am particularly excited by this initiative of Edward Bastian and the Spiritual Paths Foundation. It as a sea change in the evolution of what we used to call the ecumenical activity. I see us coming into the next phase of inter-religious dialogue, to introduce one another to the inner experience of each others faith traditions. For when we do, we shall come to the realization that the end is One."
-Imam Feisal Abdul-Rauf