Your Spiritual Styles Ranking

Each of us have spiritual learning styles that are embedded in the depths of our consciousness. They are the internal lenses through which we perceive, process and practice spirituality and meditation. In our process, we identify twelve families of these spiritual styles.  This self-knowledge will help you to find the teachings and to cultivate practices that are best suited for you.

Your archetypal spiritual styles are the internal lenses through which you perceive, process and interpret spiritual and contemplative information and practice.   Below you will find a bar graph and pie chart.   Please click on the bars to see how you ranked your spiritual styles. The charts are a temporary snapshot that will help you discover, honor, harness and harmonize your styles as you develop your meditation practice and spiritual path.  The results are not determinative or predictive.  They are simply meant to help you become aware of, and work with your inner styles.  

Our courses will help you interpret and work with your spiritual styles as you engage in our universal seven-step InterSpiritual process for exploring and discovering your personal path and practice. 

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