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Vision Statement

Positive world change begins with positive individual change.
Positive personal change requires us to become
compassionate, wise, peaceful and strong.
These are the essential qualities
of the human spirit.
So they are called
There are many spiritual paths for many types of individuals.
We help each individual discern their own path and meditation practice
based on their unique spiritual styles, questions and experiences.
That’s why we call ourselves the
“Spiritual Paths Foundation.”

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help people cultivate essential spiritual qualities through in-person and online classes, courses, multi-day retreats, mentor training and individual mentoring. Since 2002 we have brought together more than 40 esteemed teachers from many spiritual and meditative traditions to share their wisdom, experiences and methods for cultivating these spiritual qualities required for profound individual and societal transformation.

Our students engage in a process of inquiry, insight and integration. Building on their own natural spiritual learning styles and deepest questions we help them to cultivate their own spiritual paths and meditative practices.  They learn to engage in the world by leading from within.

We call this work “InterSpiritual” because of our open curiosity and celebration of the marvelous diversity of compassionate spiritual perspectives, processes and paths from the world’s wisdom resources that include spiritual, philosophical, mythological psychological and scientific traditions.  In our courses, presentations, meditations, discussions and mentoring we engender a heart-based interconnection with one another that is the foundation for wise, compassionate and peaceful engagement in the world.

Our courses and educational materials help participants develop a sustainable contemplative practice, benefit from the wisdom of diverse traditions and create a community of people from many spiritual perspectives.  We help individuals to develop their own spiritual paths and the InterSpiritual Wisdom to guide them in their personal lives, relationships, professions, and service to others.