Serving the Spiritual But Not Religious (SBNR)

We are entering a hopeful and exciting new time in the ‘history of religion’ on our planet.   Polls tell us that over 70% of the emerging millennial generation population is starting afresh, unburdened by the cultural biases and limited identities of institutional religion.  This new trend merges with other emerging paradigms in our society like distributed rather than vertical energy systems, permaculture, biomimicry, quantum physics, local food movement, new & transitional communities, openness to new loving gender/ethnic/racial relationships, mutuality/reciprocity vs competition, and so on.

Our books, programs and classes celebrate the diversity embodied in this new movement.  We support the expansion our spiritual potential beyond the confines of sectarian religious paradigms.  Now, the title “spiritual director,” that made sense within the confines of a single, fixed tradition, will need redefining.

“Serving” the needs of the SBNR and Spiritually Independent will require a new process for InterSpiritual Mentoring and discernment.  This new process should also recognize the great value in going deeply into the wisdom, practice and discipline of well-established spiritual/philosophical/mythological/scientific/psychological traditions.  It can help the SBNR and the Spiritually Independent to find appropriate root practices from an ancient spiritual traditions from which they can branch out and create their individual spiritual paths.

InterSpiritual Meditation and the Mandala Process provide nonsectarian tools to serve both those who are rooted in a tradition as well as the Spiritual But Not Religious (SBNR) or Spiritually Independent.  These tools provide chaplains, ministers and spiritual directors with methods and resources to help the spiritually non-aligned to create their own spiritual paths and contemplative practices based on one or more wisdom traditions.  In so doing, our newly trained mentors can help the SBNR avoid the trap of misunderstanding and misappropriating beliefs and practices from various traditions as they create their own spiritual path.

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