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Spiritual Styles & Questions Profile Tools

The Spiritual Styles and Questions Profile Tools provide a graphical snapshot of how your personal spiritual styles and questions rank in relationship to each other at this stage in your life.  These present results are temporary and not fixed for all time.  They help stimulate your internal conversation as well as a conversation with your mentor about how to harness your natural predispositions or “archetypes” and deepest questions for the development of your spiritual path and meditation practice.  Your search and practice will benefit by discovering, honoring and harnessing both your dominant and latent styles and by an organized search for your answers.  By engaging in our courses and working with a qualified mentor, you will be helped to develop your personal spiritual path and a meaningful and meditation practice.

The website for completing your personal profile can be found by clicking here.
The profile tools are available for those who are enrolled in our classes or an individual mentorship.