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Creating Your Spiritual Path & Meditation Practice
by Harnessing Your Spiritual Styles and Questions

The Profile Tools

The Mandala
The Spiritual Paths Mandala is designed to help us to create our personal paths by harnessing our personal spiritual learning styles and spiritual questions.  The Mandala identifies twelve families of spiritual styles (the outer ring), perennial questions (the middle ring), and spiritual traditions (the inner ring).

Styles and Questions
Our dominant styles will change as we grow and change through life. For example, there might be times when we are more devotional or mystical, more intellectual or artistic, more physical or nature-based. As we go through life’s changes and our primary styles and questions evolve, we need specific kinds of teachers, resources and practices to help us along our path.

The Profile Tools
The Spiritual Styles Profile Tools on this site are designed to help you to discover and harness your internal spiritual styles that will best serve you at this stage in our journey.  The Spiritual Questions Profile Tool will remind you of your big unanswered questions and inspire you to search the world’s great spiritual, scientific traditions and intellectual traditions for the right answers for you.   Whether you are working alone, in a course, or with a mentor, the intentional use your styles and questions can help propel you on a life-long journey of meaning and purpose.

For more information, here are links to the book and website:  (1) “Mandala: Creating an Authentic Spiritual Path.” (2) The Mandala course website.

Here is a list of twelve families of spiritual styles and questions. As teachers and students, it is very helpful to recognize and honor these in our process of learning and transformation.

Twelve Styles
(Outer Ring)
Twelve Questions
(Middle Ring)
Twelve Families of Traditions
(Inner Ring)
The Arts Consciousness Buddhism
The Body Eternality Christianity
Contemplation & Meditation Death Hinduism
Devotion Existence Islam
Imagination Freedom Judaism
Love God Taoism
Mystic Good & Evil The 12 Steps of AA
Nature Happiness Indigenous, Shamanic
Prayer Reality Other
Reason Spirit Beings Psychology, Philosophy, Mythology
Relationships Suffering Science
Wisdom Transformation & Ultimate Potential Spiritual But Not Religious (SBNR)

The Spiritual Styles and Questions Profile Tools provide a graphical snapshot of how your personal spiritual styles and questions rank in relationship to each other at this stage in your life.  These present results are temporary and not fixed for all time.  They help stimulate your internal conversation as well as a conversation with your mentor about how to harness your natural predispositions or “archetypes” and deepest questions for the development of your spiritual path and meditation practice.  Your search and practice will benefit by discovering, honoring and harnessing both your dominant and latent styles and by an organized search for your answers.  By engaging in our courses and working with a qualified mentor, you will be helped to develop your personal spiritual path and a meaningful and meditation practice.

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The profile tools are available for those who are enrolled in our classes or an individual mentorship.