Contemplative Practice & Wise Action by Ed Bastian

Halifx, Bielecki, Schachter006The Spiritual Paths Foundation was founded in 2000 to help people explore the worlds great spiritual traditions, to cultivate a contemplative practice, to deepen their wisdom, and expand their compassion action in the world. Since then, over thirty teachers from Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, and Native American traditions have collaborated in over twenty-five programs held in the US and Canada.

Our teachers have been trained in the ancient contemplative practices received through continuous lineages of teachers stretching back hundreds or even thousands of years. We are at the same time dedicated to our own traditions and committed to a mutual sharing with each other and our students. In this sharing, our own practices are immeasurable enriched as our hearts merge in a common effort to tackle the critical challenges of our times.

We are discovering how contemplative practices can provide an unshakable inner foundation for wise and compassionate action in the world. It is in this spirit that we invite you to join us in this evolving experiment.

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