A New Audio & Video of InterSpiritual Meditation

My home and office is a 38 foot sailboat in the Santa Barbara harbor.  Her name is Uma Karuna.  “Uma” is Tibetan for middle or the middle path.  “Karuna” is Sanskrit for compassion.

I often sail alone to the Channel Islands that are 20 + miles off the coast to the south of Santa Barbara.  Absorbed into ocean, sun and wind I feel interconnected with all the elements of existence.  My sailboat feels like a vehicle into the mysteries of life.  Sailing is a wonderful metaphor for the spiritual journey.

Last weekend, I was anchored at Santa Cruz Island at two anchorages: Yellow Banks and Coches.  I slept out in the cockpit of the boat gazing up at the stars and listening to the waves break against the shore.  At dawn, I was moved to record this song and verses that I wrote on InterSpiritual Meditation.  When I returned, I added a few sunset pictures from my iPhone.  I am happy to share these with you here.


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